Sneak Peeks

29 Oct

Here are a few teasers of the upcoming family room reveal.




I’ve had a few projects that didn’t turn out how I wanted them so I might have to scramble a little. It’s getting so close to the end…I hope I can make it!


Time to Cram

26 Oct

You may have noticed the lack of posts lately.  Well, mainly it’s because I’m CRAMMING!

There are so many things to do still and just a few days to get them done.

We have decided to postpone my daughters birthday for yet another weekend since there just isn’t any time to do it right now.  And as far as costumes go?  Yikes, I’m not even sure what to do about them yet.  I think I’ll wait until next week to really think about it (nothing like waiting until the last second, eh).

Yesterday was a great day as far as getting things done.  I finished the curtains (FINALLY!), made the pillows for the chairs, finished the upholstery on the chairs, and got a lot done on a big project that goes on one of the walls.

My list of things to do is still about a mile long but I’m hoping this Saturday (after rehearsal of course) will be a catch up day.

Mainly the big things left are painting some furniture.  The rest I’m not too worried about, yet.

Accessories are a whole other story.  Normally I take a few months, if not longer, to find just the right accessories, but I don’t have the time so they may be a little skimpy for now.  I’m still loving how everything is coming together and I’ll be stoked when it’s all done!

Blood Candles and a Freaky-Fast Tablescape

24 Oct

While I was visiting family the last couple of days, my sister had been looking for black candles.  She had been unsuccessful in her endeavors so I suggested she do blood drip candles, inspired by Martha Stewart.  However she was more interested in classy Halloween decor instead of ghouly.  So her search continued.

The next day when the search still produced no results she surprised me by buying some white candles and a red one to do blood candles!

When I say surprised, I was really surprised.  I don’t think I’ve ever had the opportunity to do a diy project with my sister.  They are a fun busy family so the opportunity rarely comes up for some solid diy time.  She then shocked me even more by letting me take over her dining room table to do a quick table redo.  She even admitted that she was surprised herself.  I believe a few of her words were “I can’t believe I’m being your accomplice”, or something like that, haha.

So this very fast project and table makeover was just the ticket for the momentary downtime we had.

The blood drip candles are seriously one of the easiest projects you will ever do!

What you will need is a white candle or color of your choice, but white shows the “blood”  the best and makes the most impact, a red candle to make the blood, a clicker (the kind you use to light candles), and something to set your candle on to catch all the wax.

  Now all you need to do is hold your red candle above the white and put the flame right on the candle.  We started by dripping red wax around the entire perimeter of the candle.  The closer you hold the flame to the candle the faster the drips will come.  You’ll want to be careful during this process so as not to burn yourself.

If you like you can leave your candle just like that, with blood only around the perimeter, I however like the look of congealed blood on top, so we covered the top of our candle with wax as well.  And viola! You’re done!  See, super easy.  When you move it to your candle holder be careful not to break any of the “blood” off.  The pooled blood at the base of the candle will looks great if you can keep them intact.

These blood candles were the catalyst for the whole table makeover.  My sis already had some way cute stuff on her table, so I grabbed whatever I could find from around the house to beef it up.

A couple days before, Grandma had helped the kids decorate some fake pumpkins with duct tape, inspired by Better Homes and Gardens, and those were already on the table.  Then, basically every other small or medium pumpkin she had available went onto the table as well.

She had ordered some plates, spiders, and WAY awesome skeleton hand cups from Oriental Trading Company and those all made the cut.

We snazzed up the Halloween plates with some nice china plates underneath to really accentuate them, then added placemats under that to really give them substance.

Add a few creepy spiders and you have a freaky-fast tablescape.

 How do you like that giant scary spider?  He was acquired from another spot in the house but definitely needed to resting place on that pumpkin.

Everything on the table, excluding the blood candles, was already something my sister had, so this was a very fast (20 min. maybe) and very cheap table makeover.

Shopped ’till I Dropped

22 Oct

Mad shopping day at Ikea…nuff said!

The Give and Take

20 Oct

There is a lot of give and take in the process of decorating.  I like to keep things on a budget (as well as my husband, haha)  and try to do a lot of DIY to help in that endeavor.

With all of the DIY projects and money saving techniques in play, that frees up a little bit of money for a few well thought out splurges.

One splurge came with our Rug.  We knew we didn’t want to spend a fortune for a rug but we weren’t going to be crippled by giving ourselves an unrealistic budget.  I will say however, that we could have found a nice cheap rug and doctored it up ourselves.  In fact, that is something I intend to do for a project in somebody else’s room (hopefully soon).  I began my internet scour and came up with quite a few options.  You can see what kind of rugs I thought about on my Pinterest board here.

In the end, we with went with something a little funky but warm and cozy at the same time.  The Hand Woven Nimbus Ivory Wool Rug from

As much as I love this rug, it sheds worse than my two cats and two dogs put together.  Over time the shedding will diminish, I hope, and I can vacuum it without having to empty the canister partway through.  It’s super soft and great fun to sit and play on, so I’ll overlook the shedding.

One of our other splurges was the speakers.  Now, I don’t particularly consider speakers a major decor piece, but they are a design element none the less.  I knew I didn’t want some big ol’ black speakers hanging from the ceiling so the next option was to find some nice light colored speakers.

Apparently, if you want light/white colored speakers you will have to pay extra.  Stupid right?  Paying more for the color even though the product is exactly the same.

There is also the matter of the husband, who will not settle for just any speakers.  So, between the color and the husband this became a splurge item.  To make the cost a little less painful we decided to break up the purchases.  Just a few speakers at one time.

We have only had the speakers a few short days but I like how they look and hopefully they’ll be mind blowing, make you feel like you’re in the movie, kind of speakers.

We went with Polk Audio speakers and ordered from Amazon.  We are Amazon fanatics and order from then whenever we can.  Their Prime membership is wonderful if you order enough things thru out the year.

Those have been the main splurges and hopefully the last.  I like to keep things as budget friendly as possible you know!  When all is said and done I will do my best to put together a rundown of what is what, where it came from, and how much it all cost.

It’s Here, It’s Here!!

19 Oct

After a long day of packing and traveling we have arrived at our destination!  It was definitely worth the crying, the tantrums, the traffic jams, and sitting between two car seats for over an hour watching Tangled for the ten thousandth time (which I really don’t mind since I love it).  It was only made worth it by the waiting family and…the Silhouette Cameo!!

Yes, that’s right, the Cameo took a journey of epic proportions to arrive in my hands…not home yet, but at least in my possession.  And in a few short days it’ll travel once more, back home with me, and begin to earn it’s keep.

I am sooo lucky that I have a husband who loves me enough to bare with me through this crazy redecorating expedition and could see enough of the value of this fantastic tool to let me buy it.

So far it is already planned for three projects in the family room alone.

The bundle I bought came with some vinyl, which is perfect since all three projects involve stenciling.

I can’t even begin to explain my excitement about this!  I’m sure we will see a lot of “cameos” from this Cameo.

This is going to be a great weekend.  I feel like it’s Christmas already.  So many presents coming our way starting with the Cameo and including two new beds for our girls.  We are moving them in together!  Dun, dun, dun!  Their room is totally going to be one of the next decorated rooms.  Super excited about that too!

Oh boy…I’m getting looney, better get some rest for the upcoming shopping trip!

My Family Room; The Zoo

18 Oct

Thank goodness my family room is not literally a zoo, at least not all of the time.  I do have a few monkeys running around cluttering it up on occasion but at least they don’t throw their own…well, you know!

Inadvertently, I have developed quite the menagerie in my living room decor.  I even had one person ask me if I was going for a safari theme.  The answer is, no, but sometimes I wonder if it’s too much.  I figure if I like it in the end, which I think I will despite the smattering of animals, that it doesn’t matter one way or another how many furry friends litter the room.  I say if you like it…then you shouldn’t care what anyone else says.  Do what makes you happy!!

Here’s a little show and tell of a few of the animals on exhibit so far:

I’ve got two giraffe friends:

A little owl buddy (he was too cute to resist):

Robbie Jr. the Rhino, thanks to Cardboard Safari:

A pretty brass horse that was one of my most admired objects in my grandmother’s house when I was a child, so it’s a joy to be able to use it in my own home:

These may not be furry but they are still animals – the coral (yet to be repurposed):

And let’s not forget the monkeys (the decor kind not the children kind) seen here and the picture of a bee in the gallery wall here.

I even have a few, somewhat hidden, bookends that are horses and another set that are giraffes.  I did want to grow up to be a zoologist after all.  I suppose it’s not really a surprise that I gravitate towards the things that I love.

I even have an idea to incorporate our four legged companions.  An homage to (wo)man’s best friend, if you will.  We love our doggies and it’ll be fun to see where they turn up in this room.  Another project in the works!