Time to Cram

26 Oct

You may have noticed the lack of posts lately.  Well, mainly it’s because I’m CRAMMING!

There are so many things to do still and just a few days to get them done.

We have decided to postpone my daughters birthday for yet another weekend since there just isn’t any time to do it right now.  And as far as costumes go?  Yikes, I’m not even sure what to do about them yet.  I think I’ll wait until next week to really think about it (nothing like waiting until the last second, eh).

Yesterday was a great day as far as getting things done.  I finished the curtains (FINALLY!), made the pillows for the chairs, finished the upholstery on the chairs, and got a lot done on a big project that goes on one of the walls.

My list of things to do is still about a mile long but I’m hoping this Saturday (after rehearsal of course) will be a catch up day.

Mainly the big things left are painting some furniture.  The rest I’m not too worried about, yet.

Accessories are a whole other story.  Normally I take a few months, if not longer, to find just the right accessories, but I don’t have the time so they may be a little skimpy for now.  I’m still loving how everything is coming together and I’ll be stoked when it’s all done!


2 Responses to “Time to Cram”

  1. Cara Mia Stearns-Vance October 26, 2012 at 10:52 am #

    You Go Girl! You are inspiring me to speed-up on my own projects and set some much needed time lines for them. Can’t wait to see YOUR finished product! Love ya!

    • valcaldwell October 26, 2012 at 11:33 am #

      Ah Thanks! I hope I can get it all done on time. Can’t wait to see YOUR finished product (i.e. the house)!

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